Gayle Ferraro

Gayle Ferraro, founder and executive director of Aerial Productions, brings personal accounts of extraordinary and socially compelling stories to the film medium. She received Masters Degrees in Public Administration from Harvard University and Mass Communication from Boston University, and studied International Human Rights Law at Oxford University.

She can often be found addressing audiences throughout the world about the compelling subjects related to the films she has produced. Ms. Ferraro is the proud owner of the Gymnastic Academy of Boston/Cambridge.

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  • film_34

    Anonymously Yours

    This extraordinary documentary on sex-trafficking in Southeast Asia interweaves four young women’s stories to reveal an institution that enslaves as many as 40 million women worldwide.

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  • film_150

    Ganges: River to Heaven

    This extraordinary documentary explores with unparalleled intimacy one of the most cherished of Hindu religious aspirations: to die in the city of Varanasi, on the banks of the sacred Ganges, in the faith that dying here assures liberation from the cycle of earthly life.

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  • film_33

    Sixteen Decisions

    This remarkable documentary explores the human face of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh’s micro-lending experiment of small business loans, usually of $100 or less, that has transformed the lives of millions of Third-World women and their families.

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  • film_197

    To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America

    This thought-provoking and powerful documentary follows Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus as he brings his revolutionary microfinance program to the United States, establishing Grameen America. The first stop: Queens, New York, 2008, just as the financial crisis explodes and the American economy plummets.

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